San Antonio, TX

Bio: Joules Webb has a passion and expertise for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) education gained through 20 years of experience serving in both education and industry. In education, she has served as a Texas high school science teacher and Master Technology Teacher, a STEM instructional coach, and currently as a STEM Educational Specialist with Transformation 2013 Texas STEM (T-STEM) Center. She is also a doctoral student pursuing a PhD in Integrative STEM Education through Virginia Tech. She served on the Texas Education Agency (TEA) T-STEM Academy Blueprint design committee. Joules brings a depth and breadth of STEM education knowledge to the community. As an influential member of the T-STEM Network, she leads STEM professional development design teams, campus instructional coaching programs, and provides STEM technical assistance to district leadership. As a STEM Community Strategist she supports the development of regional, state, and national STEM innovation networks to stay current with curriculum trends, instruction, technology, assessment, and school systems.

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